November 15, 2012

SFV Board Meeting Tonight, 7pm at VG Activity Center

Victor Gardens Single Family Homeowners Association  (SFV)
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, Nov. 15 , 2012, 7:00 PM Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center
Directors: Julie Bixby, John Roehrich, Josh Berger, Terry Forbord


1. Call to order:

2. Approval of Minutes:
a.    4-18-12 Board of Directors Meeting b.    4-24-12 Annual Meeting
3. Resident Forum:
a.    SFV residents are encouraged to speak to the Board, ask questions, raise concerns, etc.
4. Financial Report:
a.    Current Financials b.    Collections Report
c.    Status of Master Association payable.
5. Committee Reports:
a.    SFV AAC Report:
b.    SFV ARC Report:
i.    Improving Architectural & Landscape Change Application ii.    Summary of Applications

6. Management Report:

7. VGCA (Master Association) Report:
a.    Master Board:
i.    Grantaire Green and Main Entrance electrification project. (Mark is working with City of Hugo, Goetz Landscape and Connexus Energy.)
ii.    Holiday lighting installations. b.    Social Events Committee:
c.    Long Term Planning Committee:
i.    New group met first time on 11-8-12.
ii.    Next meeting 11-26-12, 7:00pm at 4767 Dahlia Way. iii.    Currently evaluating scope of work.
1.   Could include:
a.     Recommending uses of property near VG pool. b.     Monument signage
c.    Other areas identified by a survey.

d.    Master ARC:
i.    New builder, Colfax Companies New model home approved for
14254 Victor Hugo Blvd. near tennis court.

8. Old Business:
a.    Gazebo, picnic structure, postal station, etc. repainting schedule.

9. New Business:
a.    Beavers
b.    Boulevard tree pruning Action required/requeste by the City of Hugo. c.     Hugo sign ordinance enforcement

10 Review of Action Items
11 Adjournment