February 28, 2013

Master Assn. Landscape Improvements Continue

A few weeks ago, a few of the Master Board's members got together again with Goetz Landscape for a progress update in the effort to continue VG's landscape improvements.  This has been an ongoing effort over the last few years.

One of the areas that's been talked about for awhile is the Everton Ave. Bridge that connects the SFV to Pratt's Creek Side Villas.  Starting last fall the Master Board Members, along with Pratt Homes, Kari Miller, and Dan Steuernagel of Goetz Landscape, and the City of Hugo have explored ways of getting irrigation to both sides of that bridge and planting all four corners. That plan is now in place and a Goetz landscape design complementing those found elsewhere in the community is planned for installation this summer.

Among other things the group discussed were similar improvements to the Val Jean Blvd. Bridge that crosses Clearwater Creek (near Grantaire Lane.) Ensuring that the Clock Tower's urns are planted, and adding sapling trees to some of VG's areas.