April 5, 2013

Local Business Profile: P.A.W.S. Pet Hospital

P.A.W.S. Pet Hospital is now open for Urgent Care

Open Until Midnight Every Night

Holidays and Weekends
Monday-Friday 7:30am- 12am
Saturday 8:00am- 12am
Sundays and Holidays 12pm-12am

Phone (651) 400-1180

P.A.W.S. is located in the neighborhood 

P.A.W.S is on Facebook

Wellness Plans Now Offered
  • Preventive Care for your pets
  • With a monthly payment option!!
  • Includes biannual preventive Health Exams, all vaccinations, biannual intestinal parasite screening
  • May include Heartworm and tick screening
  • And preventives as well
  • Give us a call with any questions you may have!!!!! 
P.A.W.S. Pet Hospital is a full service
veterinary hospital delivering
 high quality care for your pets. 

Our core services are:
  • pet wellness & health maintenance
  • preventive and surgical dentistry
  • weight management
  • internal medicine
  • surgery utilizing advanced pain management techniques.
    Dr. Michelle Beck, DVM