April 18, 2013

VG Annual Garage Sale...Volunteer(s) Needed!

The VG Events Group is looking for a neighborhood volunteer or group of volunteers to lead the charge on our annual neighborhood garage sale.  The Events group has $$ set aside in their budget to pay for advertising and signage but just need the help to coordinate the event.  This event is for everyone in the neighborhood--all sub associations!

Unfortunately, if no one steps forward to help out, we won't have a neighborhood sale this year.  The current volunteers have full plates so hoping someone new can come in and help out just this once!

Please contact Kelly (Kelly_Farrell@comcast.net) or Lisa (john3995@umn.edu) if you'd be willing to organize/plan the sale this year.  It sounds like a lot of neighbors are interested in hosting sales!

In years past the sales have coincided with the Clearwater Creek sales.  According to their website, their sale will be:

Friday June 7th 8am-5pm., and Saturday June 8th, 8am-3pm. 

Please contact Kelly or Lisa if you'd be interested in helping organize our sale this year!  Thanks!