June 28, 2013

This Time... It's Really Fixed

This past week, our pool's electronic key fob system has seen a number of persistent difficulties.  Jennifer worked to solve these with a vendor who wasn't able keep up.  (Long story). She's now working with another vendor who understands the issues better and is more responsive.  The new company fixed the problems.

This time it's really fixed.  

So, to the non-neighborhood swimmers who've enjoyed free pool access through an open gate last week:  It was good while it lasted, but that can't continue.

Victor Gardens residents and their guests should resume only admitting themselves and their guests with their fobs.  Please don't allow anyone else through the pool's entry door.  The service gate will be locked again too.

If your fob doesn't work, there's a chance that something else is going on.  In those cases, please contact:
Jennifer Campbell, CMCA, AMS,
Victor Gardens Community Manager
Direct: (763) 225-6462
Email: jcampbell@developcommunity.com

Note: Jennifer will be out of the office and unable to return emails or voicemails June 28th - July 8th.  If you require immediate assistance during this time please contact Katie Lynch at 763.225.6430 or via email at klynch@developcommunity.com.

Victor Gardens pool as it appears
on "Skynard Saturdays".