July 8, 2014

REMINDER: VG Master Board Meeting July 9

Victor Gardens Community Association
3”‘ Quarter 2014 Board of Directors Meeting
July 9, 2014 - 6:00pm
Victor Gardens Activity Center

 Meeting Agenda

Call to Order
Review and Approve Minutes from (4/9/14) Board Meeting (Secretary to sign)
Homeowner Forum
Consent Agenda
a) Second security check by Semper Fi
Management Financial Reports — suggest we table discussion due to large agenda
a) Balance Sheet
b) Income Statement
c) General Ledger
d) Accounts Receivable
e) Accounts Payable
Management Report
a) Work Order Report
b) Activity Center HVAC
i) AC repair bids
ii) Heating issues proposals
Additional Holiday Lighting Analysis
Poets Green Fountain
i) Attorney opinion on maintain common elements as installed by Developer
ii) Cost analysis of planter vs. fountain restoration
e) Additional Fountain on North Side — Estimated Cost Information
f) Irrigation at Grantaire Circle
i) Proposal from Birch
Spring Walk Results Discussion
Key Fob System - in 2015/16 current system as is will no longer be supported
due to current operating system being phased out
i) City of Hugo — sign and flowers
j) Victor Gardens Website
Committee Reports
a) ARC Committee
b) Long-term Planning Committee
i) Resignation of the Committee Chairs
Landscape Committee
i) Val Jean Bridge Improvements Complete
Review of Action Items & Time Frames for Completion
Next Meeting — 10.8.14
10) Adjournment