January 21, 2015

ARC meetings are on VG's calendar

As a reminder, all Architectural Review Committee meetings for Victor Gardens Community Association (the Master Association) are open to VG owners.  If you're interested in seeing the process by which new home designs are discussed and approved by the ARC- attending these meetings is a good opportunity. Visit our ARC page for more background info.

After applications are submitted, the ARC's members generally have at least 7 days to review them.  Members arrive to the meeting ready to discuss the details of each application and vote if necessary.

The ARC's meetings appear on our Victor Gardens Calendar page.  The next one is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10, 6:30pm at VG's Neighborhood Activity Center.

In some cases where applications aren't received on-time or there's nothing for the committee members to discuss, the ARC meetings are cancelled.  Keeping an eye on the calendar will alert you to any changes in the schedule.