April 9, 2015

Spring projects

Over the last few months the Victor Gardens Community Association's Board (also known as the Master Board) has taken action on a variety outdoor maintenance and improvement projects.  As Spring rolls in, you'll start to see work finishing up on projects such as:
  • The Victor Square pond fountain has been started up for the season.
  • Repairs have been completed at our Neighborhood Activity Center.
  • Pool and Neighborhood Activity Center key fob access has been upgraded along with improved security camera recording systems.
  • As the ground warms up, the uneven area under the broken Poet's Green Fountain will be dug up, re-leveled, and re-set.  The fountain will be converted to a planter in the same location, installed with drip irrigation, and professionally planted and maintained.
  • Repairs to Jardin Fountain have begun.  A few replacement parts have already been installed.  The fountain will be re-started up after the repairs are completed.
  • The City of Hugo will complete its work at Poet's Green.
  • Electrical service will be completed at Victor Gardens main entrance at Frenchman Rd. and Victor Hugo Blvd.  This work will facilitate the future installation of holiday lighting, landscape lighting, etc. near the wooden arbor and surrounding median area south of Frenchman Rd.