April 30, 2016

Recent thefts & damage

UPDATE: A homeowner emailed me this morning.  "I had someone enter my garage through the service door yesterday morning at 1:30 am, the door chime for my alarm system woke me up and must have scared them off (it chimed three times, so it was opened, closed, then opened again).  I called 911 and they police came out, but couldn't find anything.  Nothing was taken, but it was rather unnerving.  I am almost certain the door was locked, but they got on anyway."

Over the last few days, a few residents in different parts of Victor Gardens have reported thefts of propane tanks, and damage to gas grills. 
As the weather warms up residents are urged to be careful. Lock your vehicles, don't leave garage door openers in vehicles parked outdoors, and close your garage doors when you're not around and at night.
Call 911 to report any suspicious activity.