July 26, 2017

Victor Gardens Master Board Meeting Aug. 2, 2017

Here's a reminder that the Victor Gardens Community Association (the Master Association) Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, Aug. 2 at 6pm.  The location for the meeting has been changed to Hugo City Hall.

Owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.  At the beginning of the meeting, the Board welcomes your comments, concerns and questions during the Homeowner Forum.  

A number of topics will be covered over the course of the meeting.  Today, the agenda was shared:

Victor Gardens Community Association 
Board of Directors Meeting

August 2, 2017 6pm

Hugo City Hall – Oneka Room14669 Fitzgerald Ave N, Hugo, MN 55038 

6:00pm Regular Session/Call to Order
I. Homeowner Forum : Single Family Homeowners (30 minutes total) 

II. Special Agenda Item – New Builds at North Village and Master Association
     A. Evan Leach, Attorney
     B. North Village Board Members, Ted Erckenbrack (President) 

III. Approve Board Meeting Minutes 
  A. May 10, 2017 2-4 

IV. Ratify Board Decisions
     A. Approval of buckthorn eradication behind 14241 Arbre 5 

     B. Approval of additional treatment to Amur Maples 6-7 

     C. Approval of river birch removal and pruning in outlot 8 

     D. Approval to move forward with attorney Evan Leach for NV new builds 9 

     E. Approval to file claim from June 11 hail storm
          i) Maureen Porter to facilitate

V. Treasurer’s Report

VI. Old Business
     A. City versus private responsibilities 

     B. Activity Center refresh – homeowner input and plan 

VII. New Business – none at this time 

VIII.Management Report
     A. Work Order Report
     B. Discussion of 2018 goals and projects 13
     C. Review of annual calendar

IX. Adjournment – confirmation of next meeting date
     A. October 11, 2017 

7:00pm Executive Session/CTO
(Discussion and action on matters of delinquencies, violations, contract, personnel and legal matters)