January 11, 2018

Supporting our friends & neighbors

It appears that there's some confusion on what VG's North Village sub-association is requesting all VG residents to do.  At last night's Master Board meeting, residents of our North Village asked to get the message out regarding their hopes for the future of their sub-association.  The entire master Board supports their request, but it's up to you as individual VG homeowners to consent to the change.   In a nutshell:
  • The entire North Village sub-association currently consists of only one single building, containing four residences (four families).
  • This one building is north of the VG clocktower near Kwik Trip.
  • Those four families would like to add one nearly identical building containing for residences to their association, as was originally envisioned by the developer. 
  • The original plan fell victim to the builder's bancrupcy years ago.
  • All VG residents from each of our sub-associations are asked to approve this small (and originally planned) change to the North Village sub-association.  
  • The Master ARC approved the design of the building. (Again, nearly identical)
  • This plan does not include any of the single or detached homes currently under construction further north.  Those are NOT Victor Gardens homes, and there is no support nor are there any plans to include them into our VG Master Association.
  • This plan will not burden our existing VG ammenities.  (Again, only four new families max)
  • Time's running out - there's a February deadline.
This issue affects our good friends and neighbors. I urge you to please complete, sign and send your consent form (see attached photo) to Colleen Brown as soon as you're able. Colleen.Brown@Associa.Us  7100 Northland Circle N. Suite 300, Brooklyn Park MN 55428  Her phone number is (763) 746-2986 .