April 20, 2020

Pool Opening Update

As Memorial Day weekend draws closer, Victor Gardens residents may be wondering about our community pool's opening status.  VG's Master Board of Directors is in the early stages of discussion and is collecting more information. The Board will discuss again mid-May with input from Governor Walz’s executive orders, the CDC, Minnesota Dept. of Public Health, our association's management company and pool maintenance contractors. The Board will likely make the decision mid-to-late May.

Unrelated to COVID-19, our pool’s structure, pumping, heating, and other equipment require a weeks-long process of routine pre-opening inspections, repairs, seasonal maintenance, and chemical applications. If you see contractors working there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Board has decided to open the pool. They’re making sure the pool will be ready when the Board decides to open it.

Did you receive your new pool key fob?  All old key fobs have been deactivated. As part of an ongoing effort to provide additional security to Victor Gardens Neighborhood Community Center and pool, new key fobs were mailed to owners last month.  Each is unique to each owner.  An entry swipe of a key fob is logged remotely and time-stamped. The use of upgraded video recording equipment coupled with key fob swipe data will assist our community manager and other authorities if necessary.