September 9, 2022

Fountain restarted. Community Manager resigned.

Jardin Fountain restarted: A recent collaborative repair effort between two of Victor Gardens' contractors, Go Get Fred and Brightview resulted in the restarting of the Jardin Fountain. We'll need to keep an eye out for leaks and water levels before it's time to winterize the fountain.  It'll be a very short season, but it's our hope and plan to restart this important community amenity back up again in spring 2023.  Refreshing the surrounding landscaping will be scheduled next year, after it's clear that the repairs are working.

VG's new Community Manager resigned. Despite a good start and positive progress as Victor Gardens Community Manager, Asher Staton has resigned from Associa. Colleen Brown and Anna Dunn will be supporting Victor Gardens in the interim as they strategically plan the next move for Victor Gardens.