May 26, 2007

Follow-up : CPDC’s Marketing of New Home Sites

A question was asked and posted in the “News” section on May 16 about how Victor Gardens’ developer, CPDC, intends to show or sell single-family home site lots without a Land Office.  

Jack Broughton, of CPDC has responded,  “To let you know, the phone number on the realtor-sized signs sprinkled around the single-family area that say "For Neighborhood Information or Model Home Tours, call..." is forwarded to my cell phone and I either drop everything to run up to Hugo for interested prospects or I schedule a future appointment with them.  In the past month, we have taken 6 new reservations for single-family homesites, 3 in the 1st addition and 3 in VG East.  These do NOT include the Ryland sales.  So, yes, sales efforts are continuing even though we don't have a sales office, and in fact, Victor Gardens sales this spring have been the best of any of our neighborhoods.”

At the Annual Meeting and during the Walk-Through, Dave Hempel and Homer Tompkins were made aware that marketing signs contained outdated information.  They also know were informed that many lot identification signs were damaged or missing.  It was also re-iterated that the marketing website contained inaccuracies, and should be updated.

As of today, there is no word yet whether these remaining three items will be addressed by CPDC.