May 23, 2007

Landscape Policy & Requirements Approval Process

In response to a homeowner’s question, and for those who are unaware of the the process,  Shelly Tompkins of CPDC has clarified the method that Victor Gardens’ Architectural Review Committee uses to approve and refund landscape deposits:

“We will be inspecting the landscaping... for a refund of their landscape deposit.  Until their completion and request, we will not be reviewing their installation.  Once they are complete and request their refund, we inspect the landscaping to see that it has substantially complied with the approved plan.  Often homeowners will vary installation of products due to seasonal install or availability at the time of purchase.  We take that into consideration and we review the tree, shrub and perennial plant sizes.  If the installed size of the product does not meet the approved plan, the homeowner will not receive their refund until it is replaced or an additional tree to approved size is installed.”