May 30, 2007

Sprinkler Watering

Gina Higgins, our Community Manager was told last week by our HOA contractor, Early Bird, that the common area sprinklers were turned on.  Since I’ve received a few questions on this, she’s following up on this for us. She wrote,  “I spoke to Early Bird last week on Tuesday and was told that the system was turned on.  I will follow up with them right now to see what is going on.  Thank you for informing me of this.  I will let you know what I find out.”

There may be a separate watering issue related to the turn-over of the Parks by CPDC to the City of Hugo. Gina Higgins wrote to Dave Hempel of CPDC regarding this, “I just wanted to confirm that you would be coordinating with the City, the start-up of the irrigation system in the areas that they have taken over, per the letter... provided me.”

Mr. Hempel responded today, “Yes, that is still the plan. I will see if I can schedule for Friday this week with city and Tom at Early Bird.”