May 30, 2007

Waiting for Follow-up

As of today, I have not heard back from CPDC regarding follow-up to these items. 

CPDC follow-up list as of May 23, 2007:

  1. 1.Unsold lot appearance – tall grass & weeds: 

  2. 2.Signs: Remove or change remaining incorrect signs with references to the “Land Office”

  3. 3.Signs: Replace missing lot identification signs

  4. 4.Existing fenced garden: Finish off the fencing in the garden to a logical stopping point. 

  5. 5.Garden expansion: Receive permission to temporarily expand garden to the East of existing garden.

  6. 6.Save fencing & monuments: Preserve & store wrought-iron style fencing and decorative monuments (land office & main entrance).

  7. 7.Remove silt fence & barbed wire fencing: Remove fencing, mostly near walking trails and roadways need to be removed.

  8. 8.Remove debris: Remove barrels from the Northern side of the lake, East of the Community Center. 

  9. 9.Displaced trees near main entrance: Ask new property owners to save & move shrubs and trees near main entrance to new locations if possible.

  10. 10.“Welcome to Hugo” monument sign: Complete electrical and landscaping work around the monument sign.

  11. 11.Trusses left by Nottinghome Builders: Please speak to Nottinghome Builders and/or the truss company to remove these items.

  12. website: Is there any timeline for updating the website?  

  13. 13.Intranet: Is there any timeline for updating the Victor Gardens Community Intranet?