June 19, 2007

More Work Done by Shelly Tompkins of CPDC

I received an email from Shelly Tompkins, Vice President of CPDC recently.  She’s been working on many projects in Victor Gardens.  Here’s a few excerpts from her message:

I spent most of the day Saturday doing clean-up around the neighborhood.  Here are things still outstanding:

•I brought it to the site, but my tractor can not mow the empty lots.  Most of the lots are too rugged/uneven for that type of equipment and requires a larger equipment approach or weed whipping.   I can't personally do either one, so we have to find an alternative.  As a courtesy, Early Bird did the remaining "alley lots", but not the remaining empty lots in the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough arm or back muscle to weed whip them...it would take me about 20 hrs!   I did get the village green in the East Phase (west of the creek) whipped, however.  With limited funding, I'm doing some research on how to accomplish the remaining...

•I left the site with the intention of bringing the rusted barrels with me, but then forgot them.  I have them on my "to-do" list and will get them out of there this week. 

•The entry median fountain was not entirely resolved.  I paved the edge of the curb, repositioned the urn, planted a minimum amount to test the success due to lack of water and mulched the remainder.  I tried to plastic cover the cement area with the intention of covering it with mulch for a temporary fix.  The rain weighted the plastic down and mulch would make it even worse.  I'm going to have to come up with an alternative temporary fix.  I have contacted a couple of nursery garden friends for advice and am waiting to hear back from them. 

•The two temporary entry structures were too heavy for me to move to the garden.  I will need more muscle help for that one.  I'll be working in it this week.

•The retail owner took our single family/townhome signs down at the entrance and put up those two "lovely" RETAIL SALE signs.  I layed the signs down on the mulch behind the fence on the west side and will decide what to do with them. 

•I moved the sign from the garden to north of the bridge, but just layed it down.  I'll be installing it there this week. 

The other items on my check list were complete....