July 25, 2007

Homeowner’s Dues - A Message from CPDC

In the process of preparing for last week’s Neighbor’s Meeting, I asked Gina Higgins, our Community Manager, Shelly Tompkins, and Dave Hempel of CPDC to help me do a little fact-checking.  I appreciate their help in clarifying a few important items.  As part of her response, Mrs. Tompkins asked me to convey a message to the group.  I read her note to the attendees of the meeting, but I thought it was also important to share with those who were not able to attend.  

“One thing regarding the HOA dues that I would like the residents to recognize is that the HOA covenants allow an annual increase of dues no greater than (I believe its an accurate percentage) 10%.  Our assessment dues to residents did not take place prior to April of 2004 and prior to that Developer took on 100% of the maintenance funding.  We could have legally started collecting from day one/sale one to save our maintenance investment and chose not to.  Over the last three years the resident dues could have legally increased to allow a reduction in the Developer Shortfall commitment.  We chose not to and instead provide savings to the residents.  The approximate amount of Development Shortfall savings through increase to both single family and townhomes totals +/- $30,000/year.  The reason I want the residents to recognize it is because it is easy to point fingers at those who they feel are responsible for our present circumstances and our lack of participation, but they need to equally recognize and at the very least appreciate the savings that they have received over the years and our commitment to build and maintain the best of the best.”  -  Shelly Tompkins, CPDC