September 19, 2007

Important Survey

A homeowner survey has been emailed to Single Family Village homeowners by Traci Tapani.  We are hoping you can take the time to complete the survey in the next few days.  A homeowner’s meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 25 with City of Hugo officials and CPDC will hopefully begin to remedy VG’s drainage situation.  

Concerned homeowners should try to attend this important meeting:

Sump Pump/ Water Drainage meeting

Attended by City of Hugo Officials, CPDC, Homeowners, (and possibly Rice Creek Watershed District)

Tuesday September 25, 9:00AM at 

Tony & Jody Schwab’s home

14262 Garden Way N.

Please complete and return the survey to Traci Tapani when it arrives in your email inbox.  Survey’s can be emailed to Traci or dropped at her home (14234 Garden Way N).



Victor Gardens Homeowner Survey –  Sump Pump and Water Issues


•Is there a sump pump in your home?


•If yes, where does it drain?


•Does your sump pump run during periods of dry weather or only when it rains?


•Does your sump pump run during the winter?


•How often does your sump pump run?


•Has your basement ever flooded?


•If yes, did the flooding occur because of a problem with your sump pump?


•If yes, did the flooding occur during a dry period or during a rain storm?


•Other information or comments.


•Name, address, and contact information for person completing the survey.