September 17, 2007

Sump Pumps & Drainage Problems - City of Hugo Meeting Set for Sept 25

A meeting to address drainage, sump pump, and rain garden problems is scheduled for Tuesday September 25, 9:00AM at Tony & Jody Schwab’s home, 14262 Garden Way N. (near Arbre Park).  City of Hugo’s Director of Public Works, Chris Petree, and other City officials have invited VG’s homeowners, and representatives of CPDC.  The Rice Creek Watershed District is also involved in finding solutions to this ongoing problem.  

A few of our neighbors have already been working with the City on this issue.  Traci Tapani has also volunteered to contact Single Family Homeowners via email about these problems.   She hopes to survey residents, and collect information to pass along to the City and the Watershed District.  We hope you’ll help in this effort and complete and return her survey when it arrives in your inbox.  Thanks!

Likely survey questions may be:

  1. (1)How frequently does your sump pump run?

  2. (2)Does your sump pump run in the winter?

  3. (3)Has your basement flooded?, etc.