January 8, 2008

More Known About The Beard Group

In Homer Tompkins’ previous email he describes VG East’s new owner as “The Baird Group”.  It’s now believed that Mr. Tompkins spelling was incorrect - and he was describing Hopkins, MN based The Beard Group, Inc.

This developer has been active in the area in the past.  In a brief Google search, a search for The Beard Group returned a few local results

  1. Eminent domain discussion:

  2. http://www.yourneighborhoodnews.net/Archive/HugoEdition/19Sep07/Owners.html

  3. Ryland Homes connection:

  4. http://www.ci.hugo.mn.us/Economic_Development_Authority/EDA%20Minutes/081505.htm

  5. Oneka Shores project:  

  6. http://www.beardgroupinc.com/port_oneka.htm

  7. Oneka Shores concept plan:

  8. http://www.ci.hugo.mn.us/General_Government/minutes/cc082106.htm

  1. Click here for a link to The Beard Group, Inc ‘s website