September 3, 2008

FTTH Agreement Reviewed by Master Board

Internet servers and related equipment owned by FTTH Communications is currently located within one of the buildings owned by the Victor Gardens Community Association (the Master Association).  Lightblast subscribers may be familiar with FTTH as their internet provider.  In the past the company was closely associated with Victor Gardens former Developer, CPDC, and Homer Tompkins.  Unfortunately, FTTH's equipment is currently stored and electrically powered at the Master Association's expense.  With the departure of CPDC and Homer Tompkins from Victor Gardens, questions are now being raised about the agreement between FTTH and the VGCA (Master Association) before it was transitioned to homeowner control.  
The current Master Board has contacted FTTH, and is investigating the arrangement. According to a report from the last Master Board Meeting, the arrangement was apparently verbally agreed to by FTTH and Homer Tompkins.  Furthermore, since the agreement was verbal the Board researched it's legality.  Also reported: According to Minnesota law, agreements such as this must be in writing.
While the Master Association was still under CPDC control, and while I was Single Family Village Liaison last year, I raised this question with Mr. Tompkins and the Board   At that time I was told there was an agreement in place to store FTTH's equipment within the building, and I was given the impression that the Association was being compensated for storage and reimbursed for the significant monthly electricity expense.  Now it appears that neither were true.
The Board will continue further discussions with FTTH, keeping in mind the ongoing internet service needs of Victor Gardens Lightblast subscribers, charging a fair rent to FTTH, and other terms as they relate to protecting and compensating the Master Association in the future.