December 17, 2008

Clarification of Items Requiring ARC Review

At its December 16 meeting, the Single Family Village Board clarified items requiring Architectural Change Applications (related to existing homes and landscapes).  These applications will continue to be reviewed by the SFV ARC.
The list of items requiring homeowner submitted Architectural Change Applications includes: Exterior paint color, siding materials, shingles, fencing, outdoor (non-holiday) lighting, landscaping, driveways, side walks, paths, retaining walls, home additions, outbuildings, garden structures, arbors, pergolas, trellises, gutters, decks, whirlpools, spas, hot tubs, permanent/ semi-permanent private pools*, permanent/ semi-permanent swing sets & play equipment*, permanent/ semi-permanent trampolines*, permanent/ semi-permanent basketball hoops* * for the purposes of this list “permanent/ semi-permanent” means in place for more than one day.  Certain play equipment may be used temporarily, meaning one day or less, but not left in place overnight.
Please contact Josh Berger, SFV ARC Chair with any questions about this list.  Downloadable PDF copies of the ARC Application is available via the following link:
Items specifically not reviewed by the SFV ARC are animals, parking (including RV's, boats, snowmobiles, and using garages for storage areas preventing parking inside, etc.), signs, satellite dishes, home-based businesses, timeshares, etc.  These items are regulated by the SFV’s and the Master Association’s governing documents.