December 17, 2008

Please Remove Your Contractor Signs

Six months have passed since May's tornado and hail storm. At its December 16 meeting, the Single Family Village Board agreed that it was the right time to ask homeowners to remove contractor signs.  The Board wishes to remind homeowners of Section 7 in the Victor Gardens Covenants. Please remove your signs advertising contractors, renovators, roofers, etc.  
The SFV Board also discussed the number of signs regularly seen throughout Victor Gardens, advertising other neighborhoods or non-affiliated builders outside of Victor Gardens. A homeowner also informed the Board of the aesthetic and safety issues with so many signs (large and small) at the entrances to Victor Gardens.  These signs are often placed close together blocking the view of oncoming traffic. 
The SFV Board will begin work towards Master Covenants compliance (related to signs) with SFV residents, the Master Board, and report (sign) safety concerns to the City of Hugo.