July 1, 2009

Website Updated - New Pages, Maps, and Digital Copies of Governing Documents Added

Our Victor Gardens website has been updated with new information and other improvements.  I've also recently included a few new website pages. These changes should help residents more easily find information they're looking for.  
Some include:
- Although a lot of digital copies of documents are available on the master and sub-association's pages, some of the more important Governing Documents, like Bylaws, Covenants, etc. are now also placed also on the new "Association Documents" page.  
-Re-introduced a separate "Contacts" page (link here) for frequently requested contact info.
- Updated the "Maps" page (link here) to include a new ownership map of the remaining empty lots in the Single Family Village.
- Upcoming events and upcoming meetings will be published via blog posts, email announcements, and on the left site of our site's front page. 
- Other general information such as the Pool announcements can also be found on the left side of the front page.