July 8, 2009

Business Profile - Quality Window Cleaning

This message was sent to me by good neighbors Tony & Jody Schwab.  They're recommending a window washing company that will give discounts to Victor Gardens residents.  Last fall, Tony & Jody recommended a great lawn aeration service that we used and were very happy with.  Please see Tony's excerpted message below:
"I found a good window washer that did work in Fable Hills and all of those who used him liked him. He cleaned up well after the washing. 
I had him out today, He  will clean your windows, clean the inside and outside sills and the screens for 3.75 per window inside and 3.75 for the outside of same window.... I have 54 sets of inside and outside win dows and my bill is 199.12  .If we get 10 or more homeowners in VG he will give all a 20% discount and more of a discount if we get more than 10 people. I think most of the homes are close in amount of windows but some may differ.. So you can get an idea from my house,,, ...    He will also do the little windows around the door  and on top of the doors free,, I told him I would get back to him in a few weeks. You can call him for a estimate.. The business is called  Quality Window Cleaning..   His name is Grant at (763) 656 8519   Make sure you tell him you are in  for the discounts  or call me Tony 651 429 2000      If you can post this in the newsletter I think some people will like the cost and quality of workmanship. "