August 18, 2009

Groundwater Issue Update - City of Hugo Will Help With Downscaled Solution

Yesterday, Tony Schwab and a small group of residents met, walked around some of their affected properties, and discussed the next steps for them. Afterward, Tony contacted the City of Hugo's Development Director Bryan Bear. The City of Hugo is interested in helping residents through this situation. Bryan has offered to meet again with the small group of interested residents in the hopes of modifying the formerly proposed Houston Engineering plan. When the meeting is scheduled, I will announce it via this website and the email subscription list.
For those who are still interested in solving groundwater in and around their homes, but have not attended recent meetings on the subject, please call Tony Schwab at (651) 429-2000.
Going forward, the solution to groundwater problems will likely be handled on a case-by-case basis. It will not be solved with a systemic neighborhood-wide approach. Now is the best time for residents with groundwater issues to involve themselves. Those who do not participate in this latest approach may be missing an opportunity of financial and/or engineering assistance from the City of Hugo and the Rice Creek Watershed District. For more information, please contact Tony Schwab.