December 9, 2009

New Builder Proposes to Build in Single Family Village

During the last Master ARC meeting, Minks Custom Homes proposed a new home design for Victor Gardens East 6th Addition. Homes in this area, east of Clearwater Creek, has up until now been built mostly by Ryland Homes. Although Ryland had been expected to buy and close on all the lots in the immediate area, it was reported at the last Master ARC meeting that their plans have changed. After construction is complete on Ryland's homes currently under construction, they are not expected to purchase any more lots in Victor Gardens. That's where Minks is expected to step in, and complete VG East 6th Addition.
Minks' first home will be a model with a different front elevation, but similar sides and back for which Ryland had been approved. The infusion of a custom home builder may offer additional architectural diversity. The Master ARC will also be involved with the color approval process and reduce the possibility of color scheme monotony. Minks hopes to complete the model home in time Spring 2010 Parade of Homes.