December 8, 2009

Snow Removal 2009-2010

It is that time of year again to begin thinking about snow. As you know, your Master Association assessments provide for snow removal services. The Board of Directors has put together this memo so Homeowners will have a clear understanding of the level of service that can be expected this year.

The Board has selected Goetz Lawn as the snow removal contractor for this year’s snow removal season. They were selected because the Board believes they will deliver superior customer service at a reasonable price.

Snow Removal Guidelines
Snow will be removed from the following locations:
• Sidewalks
• Activity Center
• Bus Stops
• Alleys
• Mailboxes (to the satisfaction of the Post Master)
• Fire Hydrants (within 24 hours)
• City Sidewalks (within 24 hours)

Snow Fall Parameters 
2”-4” – All snowfalls of 2” or more will be plowed. Snow removal will begin when substantial accumulation has ceased.

4”-9” – Single storms that are forecasted to produce accumulations of 4”-9” inches will be plowed. Trucks will be dispatched when accumulation reaches 3.5”-4.0” at the job site. A final plowing will be performed when substantial accumulation has ceased.

The Association, working with the Contractor, reserves the right to push/pile the snow anywhere on the common areas where it is most cost effective for the Association. This may mean that areas adjacent to individual units and/or yards may be used for the storage of plowed snow.

Accumulation Clause 
In the event of multiple snowfalls of less than 2”, which in turn accumulate to more than 2”over a period of time, snow removal will commence. Accumulated snowfall of more than 2”requires plowing. Accumulated snow as a result of wind is part of the snow removal contract and is plowed.

Dispatch and Service Times
The Association must recognize this is subject to the rate of snowfall and the time any given snow fall begins. Upon completion of the snow our contract requires that all snow removal operations be completed within twelve hours.

Emergency Contacts 
If a questions or concerns arise regarding snow removal please contact the Associations Community Manager, Casey Groff, at 763-225-6498 or via email at

Homeowner feedback is essential to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated.