January 7, 2010

City of Hugo Code Related Complaints

At the January 7 Master Board Meeting, the Board heard complaints that had been emailed and posted to the website. Board member consensus was that these complaints should be taken through channels at City Hall. These complaints were:
  1. Blue Heron Grill noise.
  2. Fairview Clinic using Victor Square spaces for employee parking.
  3. Enforcement of Hugo's sign ordinance
Although reluctant to take action on behalf of residents, some Board members offered suggestions to concerned residents including:
  1. Researching the City's noise code. Understand what is allowed and what is not.
  2. Research whether restaurants are allowed outdoor loudspeakers.
  3. Research specifics of the new Sign Code enforcement and how it affects areas of concern.
  4. Research whether public parking regulations could be reviewed for the Victor Square area.
Once armed with appropriate information, residents should address their concerns with the City. Hugo's City Council usually offers residents the opportunity to speak directly to the Hugo City Council at each of the Council's meetings. Concerns could also be brought to the attention of appropriate City staffers, your Council Person, or your Mayor.
A searchable database of the City's Code and contact information for City Staff, Council Members, and the Mayor are available on the City of Hugo's website.
Author's note: Concerned residents may want to address these issues collectively. I encourage the use of this post's comments feature to allow such cooperation. This website reaches a large neighborhood readership and it offers a means of communication with each other. If you're interested in working with others, please leave a (non-anonymous) comment here. Anonymous comments are usually OK, but not in this case. In your comments, include the issue that concerns you and a method others can contact you. Unproductive, inappropriate, or anonymous comments attached to this post will be deleted. Again, if you're concerned about these issues, posting here is one way of connecting with other like minded residents.