January 30, 2010

Keep Victor Gardens Looking Great!

Victor Gardens' new Landscape Committee is signing up volunteers! Whether you're an experienced gardener or a novice who's inspired to make their neighborhood look its best- We need your help! Tony Schwab Chairs the committee, and he's already planning activities for the spring warm-up. He has some great ideas, but he needs your help too!
The Landscape Committee will be involved in a variety of projects this year, and may also help plan the next phase of landscape improvements begun in 2009. Goetz Landscape significantly improved the planting areas near Victor Gardens main entrances last year, including renovation of the flower beds on the North and South sides of Victor Gardens main entrance at Frenchman Road. New areas were also planted with annuals and perennials at the Everton Ave. entrance. We'd like to build on that success, maintain those areas, and identify other areas to improve this Spring/Summer. The Board is committed to maintain areas that needed more attention last year, particularly around the Victor Square Pond and other common spaces.
The Landscape Committee will be a big part of keeping Victor Gardens looking great! For more info, please see this post on our resident website.
We're signing up volunteers starting today. Please see the downloadable sign-up sheet and contact Community Manager, Casey Groff, or Tony Schwab for more information. Thanks!