March 12, 2011

Friends of the Parks

Recent constructive comments and discussion about Arbre Park's trees inspired me to think a little more about the possibilities.  Surely our neighborhood isn't the only one who has faced questions about parks funding.  As it turns out there are many, many other communities who have faced similar issues.

Across the country, resident-based organizations have taken steps to preserve and improve their local parks.   In fact this is such a popular idea that it has a recognized name that goes along with the effort.  Spending a few minutes Googling the phrase "Friends of the Parks" will yield volumes of information and inspiration. Through tree planting initiatives, volunteerism and business sponsorships these Friends of the Parks groups have made real differences in their communities.  High quality parks are in everyone's best interest and add value to all our homes. Maybe a Friends of the Parks initiative could work in Victor Gardens?

Although it'll be sad to see so many mature trees cut down in Arbre Park, this situation does create a unique opportunity for our future. Arbre Park wouldn't be the only one to benefit from additional community interest.  Val Jean or Victor Square Park are also City-owned parks that might also benefit. 

Would you consider forming or serving with a Friends of the Parks group?  Who knows... these "Friends" could work together with the City of Hugo and nearby residents to plan and implement a new potential park landscape.   If you're interested, please email me or reply to this post with a comment.  Be a friend of your park!