November 21, 2011

Someone's Looking to Buy a Victor Gardens Home

Every once in awhile, I receive an email from someone who's interested in knowing more about building a new home or buying an existing home in Victor Gardens.

One such inquiry recently came to me. They asked my permission to post a note on this website, addressed to current owners who might be thinking of selling their home.  It's a creative approach, and I offered to post their inquiry.  Hopefully one of our residents might find the right connection with this person.

Oh and if you're wondering... this is not an ad.  I didn't ask for compensation and no-one offered to pay to post this message.

Thinking of Selling?
I have a client who is very interested in living in Victor Gardens. They can close from 30 days up to 3 months. They are looking for 3+ bedrooms, 2+bathrooms, 2+ garage stalls, 2100+ square feet.
If you are interested in selling please contact me.
David Krull