January 21, 2013

$35 Per Tree Pruning Offer From Goetz Landscape

Hello residents, I'm following up with you today on a conversation that started late last summer.  The City of Hugo asked me to communicate with our residents about the condition of our boulevard trees.  They need to be pruned. The City eventually wants to see a 12 to 15 foot clearance under each of Victor Gardens' boulevard trees.  This will likely be an ongoing, multi-year tree pruning effort. Since our boulevard trees are owned by each of us individually and not by the association, residents may hire a professional to perform this service or do it themselves. I posted an article regarding this on our website a few months ago.  Click here for the full story. A number of you already expressed interest in an pruning offer from Goetz.  Here it is:


Goetz Landscape has been contracted by the Master Association of Victor Gardens to prune the Blvd. trees on all areas owned and maintained by the Association.  In doing so, Goetz Landscape would like to offer a discounted pruning price to single family residence to be done in coordination with Master Association Pruning.  Listed below is some information about the tree pruning project that was listed on the VG website.

Q: Why do my boulevard trees need to be pruned?
Pruning provides clearance for buses, garbage trucks, street sweepers, moving vans and other large curbside vehicles that can damage, or be damaged by, low branching. Pruning provides overhead clearance for pedestrians, and also facilitates visibility of traffic signs and allows motorists a clear view of intersections and driveways.  Some varieties of trees also cast a dense shadow. Trimming them allows sunlight to penetrate lawn and shrub areas. In some cases, removing lower branches will eventually increases nighttime security because streetlights can bathe a broader area.

Q: How high up do my boulevard trees need to be pruned?
Branches on trees in the boulevard are generally pruned to provide more clearance than trees in parks, golf courses or on private property. The City of Hugo is asking that we prune our boulevard trees so that there is a 12 to 15 foot clearance to the ground. (Many smaller trees cannot be pruned this high yet, so instead will get pruned to what is proportioned to the tree)  This provides enough clearance and will develop the attractive tree lined street canopy envisioned by the original development plan.

Q: Why should seemingly healthy lower limbs be removed?
Lower limbs that will eventually become problems because of their location are best removed when the tree is young. Low limbs do not rise higher as the tree gets older, but they do bend closer to the ground as the tree matures.

Q: What other kind of pruning is healthy for the trees?
Pruning trees to remove dead wood, rubbing branches, crossed limbs, split or hollow limbs, storm damage, shattered wood and trunk sprouts are great ways to keep trees healthy.  Pruning when the tree is young is less stressful and looks better than pruning a mature tree.

OfferGoetz Landscape will prune lower branching, cross branching, trunk sprouts (suckers), and very tight crotch angle branching to improve overall health and shape of the canopy of the tree while satisfying the requirements of the City of Hugo.   All branching will be removed from site and disposed of.
Cost: $35.00 per boulevard tree.

Process:  A pre-determined date will be scheduled to do all the tree pruning within a couple days of each other.  An information sheet will need to be filled out and either emailed, faxed, or mailed to Goetz Landscape prior to the pruning.  A check will need to be left on the front door the day of the pruning written out to Goetz Landscape for $35.00 per tree that requires pruning.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule your pruning please contact Dan Steuernagel with Goetz Landscape at das@goetzlandscape.com or  651-426-2136 *102.

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