May 9, 2013

Lawn Care - Irrigation Start-Up $60 - Local Business Profile

Again this spring, Shawn Herman, of Classic Lawnscape is offering residents group rates for irrigation start-up services.  

For $60 per yard*, Shawn will:
  • Start up your system
  • Check your irrigation controller
  • Check all sprinkler zones
  • Adjust sprinklker heads as necessary
* This flat-rate offer good for start-up of between 1 and 8 zones.  A few residents may have a few more zones, requiring more time.  Contact Shawn for pricing on those additional zones.

When you set up your appointment, make sure that Shawn has access to your irrigation controller to start-up the system.  The controller box may be in your garage or basement.

If he finds any problems requiring repairs, Shawn will inform you.  He charges $65/hr for repair work plus the cost of materials.  Of course, he'll OK all potential fixes with you first. 

Shawn is well known in the neighborhood for the quality work he does blowing-out and winterizing many of our sprinkler systems.  It's not unusual for Shawn to do this service for more than 30 of our neighbors.  He's top notch.  I've even called him in the dead of winter for advice- after a friend's sprinkler system filled with water and froze up.

Contact Shawn at (612) 366-6088 for details and scheduling.

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