February 27, 2014

Victor Gardens Master ARC Simplifying Application Process + Street Views

Over the last few months, the Master Association's Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has been working to shorten the time required to approve home plans in the Single Family Village.  The ARC met twice with an expert in the field, Teresa St. Amant, of St. Amant Design and received valuable feedback.  As a result, the ARC is simplifying its documents while retaining the qualities we expect from a Victor Gardens home.  New documentation is being developed to eliminate redundancies, clarify areas of confusion, etc.  Also, moving forward Ms. St. Amant will provide services to the builder/landowner (at their expense) as a liaison to the ARC.  She'll check proposed new home designs, ensuring appropriateness before they are submitted to the ARC.  This will eliminate most of the back-and-forth that challenges some builders unfamiliar with Victor Gardens.  Everyone's goal is to maintain our high standards while dramatically reducing the application review timeline. 

A part of the ARC's new documentation will be a visual reference made up of numerous photographs.  The images, mostly taken from streets west of Clearwater Creek, show the four sided architecture, building forms, preferred styles, rooflines, details and color variety Victor Gardens Single Family Village is known for.   For builders, these homes have the most relevance because of their proximity to available homesites and various City of Hugo and ARC requirements.

If you're interested in seeing the photo reference, please follow this link:  Victor Gardens Street Views
A printable version is also available: Victor Gardens Street Views PDF