April 22, 2014

Need help communicating with residents

I've recently received a few comments from neighbors that this VG News website, VG News' Facebook page, and related neighborhood calendar and email subscription services aren't providing as much information as they should. I agree.

My goal for these VG info sources has always been to provide as much information as possible in a time frame that is relevant to readers.  Unfortunately, my time is more limited than ever and I can't write about everything I'd like to. 

Since I started the website in 2007, none of these info sources have ever been "official", but a number of people have found them helpful. We are fortunate that in the last few years, the website and Facebook have added a few more authors. (Thanks Lisa, Julie & Dawn!) I would absolutely welcome a few more authors too.

Could you help post more neighborhood news on this website and our Facebook page?  Especially helpful would be summaries from VG's sub-association's board meetings and master board meetings. 

Please let me know if you're interested in pitching in.  Thanks!