June 5, 2014

Master ARC's Next Monthly Meeting is June 11

The next meeting of the Victor Gardens Community Association's (the Master Association) Architectural Review Committee will be Wednesday, June 11.  The group will meet at VG's Neighborhood Acrivity Center at 6:30pm.  This meeting, as well as all past and future scheduled Master ARC meetings can be found on the VG News Calendar.

These monthly ARC meetings are always open for any owner to attend.  If you have questions about the ARC, it's review process or its application forms, we hope you'll be there.  Time will be set aside specifically for owner's questions at the end of the meeting.

At its June 11 meeting, the Master ARC will review new home, color, and landscaping proposals submitted with appropriate applications.  Most of the committee's work deals with new home building in VG's Single Family Village.  More info, including copies of VG's current Architectural Application, Color Application and Landscape Application are available on the Victor Gardens News website's ARC page.

Condo owners can refer to ARC-related info specific to their sub-associations.  This includes a few condo-specific applications found on the Victor Gardens News website's Condo ARC page.

VG's Single Family Village has it's own ARC, which processes requests related to already-built homes within the Single Family Village.  More info, including applications can be found on Victor Gardens News' website Single Family Village ARC page.

Note:  It's important to remember that the Master ARC deals with topics that the Master Board generally doesn't (and vice-versa).  The membership of each entity differs too.  If you have a specific Master Board related question, July 9 is the next Master Board meeting.  This meeting, as well as past Master Board meetings can also be found on the Victor Gardens News Calendar.