May 25, 2016

Local Business Profile : Lake View Window Washing - $180 flat rate offer

Because of an accidental fall last year, Grant Dahl is no longer in the window washing business.

Victor Gardens resident, volunteer, and all-around-good-guy Tony Schwab has been speaking to a few other service providers who've done window washing in our neighborhood. Tony recommends a new window washer, and has negotiated a flat rate-price for and Victor Gardens homeowner.

Tony wrote, "I have found a great window washer after talking to a few of them with cost and performance in those conversations. His name is Jordan Hentges, he is bonded, single owner of Lake View Window Washing. Phone is (763) 439-5652 The total cost is $180.00 for any VG home no matter how many windows. He will clean inside and outside of each window, wipe each sill, dust the screens and if needed clean out the dryer vents at no extra cost. Thank You. - Tony"

Lake View Window Washing
Jordan Hentges
(763) 439-5652