December 4, 2017

North Village Request

Important: Action Required

To all  our fellow members of Victor Gardens,

 North Village at Victor Gardens Condo Association has been trying to add one lot to ours and the master association. There is only 1 building of 4 units in our association and we only have room for 1 additional lot. This lot has been developed with one building of 4 units and is ready for sale. These units cannot be sold until they are approved to be added to the master association. It takes 67% of all members of Victor Gardens to approve this addition. 

if you have voted already THANK YOU if you have not PLEASE VOTE. Your vote is critical.
If you do not have a ballot or need more information please contact Dana Lincoln at or myself and we will provide you with both.

Thank you in advance for voting.

Ted Erkenbrack
North Village at Victor Gardens Condominium Association
Association President
4410 Rosemary Way #2
Hugo, MN 55038
Telephone 651-429-9340
Cell Phone 612-860-1478