December 5, 2017

Oct. 25 SFV Board Meeting recap

At our last Victor Gardens Single Family Village (SFV) Board Meeting, we heard opinions from many homeowners and had a good discussion about the association, our covenants / bylaws/ rules, and overall communication about our neighborhood. A few of the key takeaways we’ve continued discussing as a board are below.
  • Association Documentation - We’ve been working with Colleen to review the most recent versions of the covenants, bylaws and rules. We’re planning on making them all available to residents through this website - more updates to come when we reorganize the Association document pages.
  • Rules & Violations - There are a few key points around our rules and violations. Everyone agreed to the covenants and rules when moving into Victor Gardens; the rules are in place to ensure the standards in our our neighborhood continue to be met. Everyone should adhere to the rules (but, as noted above, everyone needs to know what those rules and violation procedures actually are). We’re going to be posting more reminders and quick explanations of the overall rules to help everyone understand what the actual rules are.
  • ARC Request & Approval Process - The SFV ARC approval process needs to be refined and streamlined. We’re actively talking about the process, and looking at other homeowner association websites / landscape change forms to make the process easier. The feedback will also be more descriptive regarding landscaping changes. Once we have updates to the process, we’ll post them to this website and update the applicable pages.

It was clear at our Board Meeting that there’s great passion for our neighborhood - to make it better, to improve our relationships as neighbors and build a community we’re proud of. Thanks, to everyone at the meeting who make their opinions known - the Board is excited to continue working with everyone.

- Written by JW, posted by MV