July 14, 2021

A few reminders for Single Family Village HOA residents

In the interest of keeping our neighborhood looking its best, Victor Gardens Single Family Village HOA's Board of Directors wishes to remind everyone the following long-standing rules:

Garbage & recycling cans
Garbage and recycling cans must not be left outdoors other than the evening before pickup (Thursday evening) and during the pickup day (Friday). All trash and recycling must be either bagged, canned or boxed to prevent it from blowing about and to prevent animals from gaining access to it.

Sports equipment storage
Hockey and lacrosse nets, portable basketball hoops, etc. should be stored in your garage overnight and not left out.

Changes to your home's exterior
An application for exterior improvements or alterations must to be submitted and approved before any work begins. Examples of improvements that need approval include, but are not limited to fences, decks/patios, retaining walls, landscape changes, exterior painting, play lots, etc.