May 7, 2007

Maintenance Update

  1. Val Jean Park’s tennis court net has been installed.

  2. The tennis court’s windscreen and door latch are scheduled to be repaired soon.  

  3. The Victor Square fountain feature is scheduled to be operating by this Wednesday 5/9

  4. The fountain’s lighting will also be turned on by Wednesday 5/9.

  5. The fountain controls and some of the limestone surrounding Victor Square’s pond is scheduled to be straightened and repaired.

  6. Sinking and cracking concrete around the Victor Square’s gazebo is scheduled to be repaired.

  7. “Welcome to Hugo” sign visible from eastbound lane of Frenchman Road is scheduled to be repaired and lighted sometime this Spring.

This information was provided by our Community Manager, Gina Higgins, and Dave Hempel, CPDC.