June 11, 2007

Dogs Need Leashes

By far, the most frequently emailed concern I have received in my short time as Liaison is about owners of dogs.   

Scotties, Collies, and Dobermans don’t seem to care if their waste is in a bag or on the playground.  People do.  Neighbors with dogs are getting the message.  A lot of progress has been made in the neighborhood regarding the clean up of dog waste.  Your neighbors thank you.

One issue that continues is the problem of unleashed dogs.   It would be nice, yet inaccurate to say the problem was limited to the Chihuahua who jumps on your clean clothes with muddy paws.  In a few unfortunate (and scary) incidents, this problem has escalated in the last few months. 

In the other places I have lived, I have seen countless times where a normally calm and controlled dog will revert to its hunting instinct- lunging after squirrels, skateboards, and children.  It’s the naturalthing for a dog to do.  I’ve spoken to other friends and neighbors in Victor Gardens in the medical profession.  They’ve seen firsthand the damage that a biting dog can inflict on the life of a child.

So... if you like to play frisbee with your mutt, or play catch with your German Shepherd, please do it in a place that isn’t in our neighborhood parks.  Take your dog to an Off-Leash Dog Park instead.

Ramsey County Off-Leash Dog Parks

Anoka County Off-Leash Dog Parks

Most owners believe their own dogs are harmless and cute.  Domestication has come a long way, but please remember that dogs have instincts.  Training is important. Control is more important.  A leash is the only way to ensure control.  

Parks in Victor Gardens are meant for all of us.  Everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood.  

Please.  Leash your dogs.