June 11, 2007

Opinions Needed About Potential New Committees

In the past few weeks I’ve heard from many proud neighbors about the great job our Victor Gardens Social Committee is doing.  I speak for many of us who would like to thank the members of the Committee for their hard work, creative ideas, and fun events!  It’s great to see neighbors taking such an active role in our community.

I’ve also heard recent suggestions that similar energy could be channeled into other potential Committees.  I would like to hear your thoughts about more (or different) ways neighbors could become involved.  

Below are two ideas in particular.  I would like to you hear opinions on these or other committee ideas.

1.)   A potential “Grounds Committee”  (not to be confused with the Garden Committee) could organize seasonal clean-up and minor maintenance projects & events.  These could include: 

  1. Seasonal cleanup projects

  2. Seasonal fountains startup & shut-down

  3. Irrigation systems oversight

  4. Parks mulch refreshing and minor maintenance

  5. Tennis court windscreen repairs

2.)   A potential “Board Advisory Committee” could organize residents with expertise.  The Committee could advise the Victor Gardens Board of Directors on finding better ways to spend your association dues, and work toward easing the eventual transition of control of the Board of Directors to neighborhood control.  It might be especially helpful to involve residents with talents in:

  1. Budgeting

  2. Finance

  3. Contracts

  4. Management

  5. Insurance

These are a few of the most thoughtful ideas I’ve heard.  I think all residents would be interested in the results of this informal “poll”.  Please email me your opinions.  Thanks!