June 12, 2007

New Test Feature - An Opinions Page

I receive so many neighborhood emails on a variety of subjects.  It’s sometimes difficult to manage them all.   Rather than simply forwarding and responding to neighbors emails, I thought I would test an idea.  

I have introduced this Opinions page as public forum for a few select topics.  I have some reservations about introducing an opinions page on our neighborhood website.  My hope is that an opinions page can be used to find creative solutions to common neighborhood concerns.  Perhaps this page will provide greater communication among neighbors, rather than just the simple one-way website it has been until now.  It may not be a permanent feature, since it’s just an idea I’m testing.  It will not be a forum for venting angry comments.  It will remain positive and constructive or it will be removed.

I will introduce a few ideas, and invite public comments on those topics.  We’ll see how it goes from there.  It will be up to the user to decide whether to remain anonymous or not.

Look for the “Opinions” link at the top of this site.  Read the posts, then join the discussion with the “Add a comment” link at the end of the articles.