March 24, 2008

Subscribe to Victor Gardens Email Announcements

Feel like you’re not getting enough information on what’s happening in Victor Gardens?  

We’re trying to solve this problem by creating an email subscription system to keep everyone informed.  We ask that ALL residents register and sign up to receive email updates that are important to you.  Visit to register your email address.


    Why have my dues increased?

    Will the Pool open this Summer?

    Why don’t I ever hear about social events?

By registering, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE LISTS THAT INTEREST YOU:     1. Announcements List             Everyone who subscribes to this list will receive:                 Important meeting notices                 Parties & events invitations                 Committee news                 Occasional updates meant for ALL Victor Gardens residents.     2. Town Homes List             Subscribers to this list will receive information relevant to Town Home residents     3. Single Family Homes List             Subscribers to this list will receive information relevant to Single Family Home residents

STAY CONNECTED: Once you’ve registered, your neighborhood representatives will use the subscription lists to keep you informed.  They’ll phase out their old email lists and use email addresses collected by the new system. Of course, your information will be kept private.  It will not be sold or shared.  If you choose not to register, you won’t receive email announcements.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is an all new system.  It does not share information with the old Victor Gardens Intranet Site.  Residents will have to subscribe and set up a new account. Your old Victor Gardens Intranet Site’s user name and passwords will not be recognized by this new database.  Even if you currently receive neighborhood emails, you’ll still need to register with the new site to receive future announcements. 

Thanks to Jason Lanpher, a Victor Gardens homeowner and President of Stealth Networking, Inc. who designed and hosts this new website. 

Please take a few minutes to complete the simple registration process. Soon after you register, your account will be activated. The subscription site's address is: