March 28, 2008

Another New Builder?

Here’s an item that someone brought to my attention regarding unsold Victor Gardens Single Family Lots.  It appears that a company, North Country Builders, is offering Victor Gardens lots for sale.   Among their many listings from a variety of neighborhoods is a price list itemizing the remaining unsold lots in the Victor Gardens Single Family Village.  (This doesn’t include Ryland Homes or Pratt’s Creekside Villa areas).  

North Country is not the first company to offer these lots for sale. Last year, CPDC’s alley-loading lots along Victor Hugo Blvd & Cossette Lane were MLS listings found on Edina Realty’s website including illustrations of Hartman Homes.  At this time, it’s unclear whether the North Country Builders website listings are outdated or whether they have a new relationship with CPDC and the Beard Group.    

I have not been informed by CPDC or The Beard Group of any recent news about lot sales efforts or marketing plans. 

To view the North Country listings, click here: