May 20, 2008

SFV Board Makes Limited Change to Pet Policy

Last night, the Single Family Board addressed its pet policy.  There were two areas of discussion: Control and Waste.  After hearing resident opinions, debate and discussion.  The Board voted to change the language of the SFV's pet policy related to pet waste, and recommended the Master Board take the waste issue up as an Agenda item.  The pet waste language closely mirrors the City of Hugo's ordinance, as seen below.  The board did not change policy in regards to control.  It was felt that existing neighborhood rules and City ordinances covered the control issue sufficiently.
NEW LANGUAGE - (7.13.7):
Any person who owns, keeps or harbors any dog must remove all dog feces, on a daily basis from all enclosed dog runs or kennels, and must remove, on a daily basis, any accumulations of dog feces which are visible from any location outside the border of the person's property. Owners and Occupants shall be liable for the cost of repair of any damage to the Property, or any personal injury, caused by pets kept by them.  Pet owners are responsible for reimbursing other offended parties for damage to landscaping and/or buildings caused by their pet and/or services to repair, remove, or replace damaged property.